A Change of Heart ~ Reflections on In-Person Constellation Work

two people forming a heart with their fingersAdapted from a letter we shared in a recent newsletter to members of our family constellation community.

We have had a change of heart in regards to the format of our next Constellation Learning Group.

The Constellation Learning Group is our most in-depth, life-altering course, and we have offered it for 18 years now. No Learning Group is ever like the last one. They are uniquely formed by the community that gathers. It is your wisdom, your hearts, and prayers that inform the work that then changes all of our perspectives.

While our purely online version last year worked really well, so many of us are longing for the “real, live” version of this work, where we can include nature and all that surrounds us in the Constellations. With the opportunity to participate in several live constellations this summer, it felt bit like going from 2D to 3D. The emotional availability opened our hearts, the field informed us, and it felt delicious!

Since then, we’ve continued to reflect on how to best structure our 2021-2022 Inner Arts Institute programs. After careful consideration, we decided to revamp, allowing for a few in-person gatherings while still staying as Covid safe as possible.

Some of you are already signed up for Tending the Roots, our November Intensive which we are excited to host in-person.  For our 2022 Constellation Learning Group, we will offer a hybrid structure. The five-month Constellation Learning Group starts in January 2022 and runs through the end of May. It begins and ends with a 3-day Intensive in our wonderful new home at SaMa Sanctuary in Amherst, MA. (Additionally, the Learning Group includes 3 Saturday classes via Zoom and regular triad meetings of 3 participants if desired).

How do we stay Covid safe?

  1. The Constellation Learning Group will be limited to 15 people, which allows for plenty of spaciousness in our gathering space.
  2. Our mega air purifier will be doing its work throughout the meetings.
  3. Windows will stay open as needed as the wood stove keeps us cozy and warm.
  4. People need to be vaccinated or Covid tested before they arrive and then stay “in our bubble”. That means that we will hire a cook to take care of us and we can assist in renting Airbnb spaces nearby for those who need lodging.
  5. Everybody is welcome to wear a mask for their protection if they so desire.

Most of our programs for 2021-2022 are still meeting online. This has allowed us to deepen our explorations through the pandemic and include new friends from far-away places. But if you feel called to join the Learning Group, we will also be excited to greet you in-person, keeping your safety a priority as we learn and grow together.

• If you are drawn to join us in-person for Family Constellation Work, please browse our events page. We welcome beginners and those with prior experience in Constellation work.