Our Therapists and Facilitators

Samvedam Randles, LMHC
Psychologist, Trainer & Supervisor

Samvedam Randles
Samvedam Randles

Samvedam B. Randles is a psychologist, group facilitator, and trainer in Boston, where she founded the Inner Arts Institute. Samvedam has offered workshops and trainings for over 20 years.

Samvedam has a private therapy practice, trains Breathwork facilitators and Family Constellations facilitators, and  enjoys working with individual clients and leading groups into beautiful natural settings to experience new ways of connecting to the Self and Spirit. She also serves as a supervisor to therapists in training. For a full bio, please see About the Director.

Kimberly Clementi-Eadon, LMHC, ET
Counselor & Expressive Arts Therapist

Kimberly Clementi-Eadon, Family Constellations facilitator
Kimberly Clementi-Eadon

Kimberly Clementi-Eadon is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Expressive Arts Therapist who works in private practice in Amherst, NH.  For the past 14+ years, her work has focused on children, adolescents, and families in crisis. She has extensive experience with children and adolescents across many varied settings; specializing in children with special needs and children/teenagers who self-harm.

Kimberly trained in Family Constellations at the Inner Arts Institute, studying with the Constellations Learning Group for more than seven years.  As a graduate of the program she now facilitates Family Constellations.

Lizzie Feigenbaum, RN, BSN, M.Ed

Lizzie Feigenbaum, facilitator
Lizzie Feigenbaum

Drawing on over three decades of experience in non-profit and for-profit settings, Lizzie helps individuals, couples, families, teams, and organizations find and dissolve limiting patterns, and create positive flow.

Trained in organizational development, maternal child health nursing, infant mental health, trauma, and culturally informed care, Lizzie combines collaborative communication, an analytical mind, and a sensitive attunement to the non-verbal realm.

Volker Frank
Trainer and Organizational Consultant

Volker Frank, Systemic Constellations Training
Volker Frank
Volker Frank is an organizational consultant and executive coach living in Northern California. He works with the Inner Arts Institute using Systemic Constellations — helping clients uncover and leverage the hidden dynamics that motivate the quality of collaboration in organizations so that both the organization and the people, who bring it to life, thrive.
Volker has 20 years of experience with Constellations and is a Certified NLP Master Practitioner. He started his career in software design and extensively studied how people work across many industries. He is passionate about “learning” our way towards new ways of working. This requires leadership and self-leadership at every level of the organization. Instead of solely focusing on results, he pays close attention to the way people relate to each other when they organize their work and collaborate.

Beate Gottschlich, Certified Rolfer® and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner SEP

Beate Gottschlich
Beate Gottschlich

Beate Gottschlich offers highly attuned Bodywork with the focus on the transformation of trauma. She has been immersed in Bodywork since 1999 beginning with Rolfing Structural Integration and Craniosacral Therapy, and adding Somatic Experiencing in 2008. These are powerful tools to move towards greater alignment and resiliency, leaving clients more embodied, alive, and present.

Beate is passionate about facilitating transformation by bringing subtle patterns into consciousness and thus allowing shifts to take place. Originally a trained violin restorer, she now uses her skilled hands for the restoration of people, helping us to become more fully human in our bodies.

Phone 617.504.3786. Email beatedelfin@gmail.com.

Michael Jaro, MA, LMHC

Michael Jaro
Michael Jaro

Michael Jaro, a psychotherapist for over 30 years, has extensive experience working with individuals and with couples. As a spiritual psychotherapist and a relationship counselor, Michael uses a synthesis of body-mind, mindfulness and relational approaches.

Michael has training in psychosynthesis, bioenergetics, psychodrama, existential psychotherapy, group process and energy work. He has been a long time meditator, yoga and chi gung practitioner. Currently he is a student of the Diamond Heart Approach, a spiritual-psychological process. A father of two teenage boys, Michael is committed to continual growth and development. Website.

Maya Kennedy
Trainer, Coach, Consultant

Maya Kennedy

Maya Kennedy is a dynamic and innovative trainer, coach and consultant. She is the Founder and Director of Apramaya Institute, a consulting firm that supports organizational leadership and performance of youth serving organizations.

Maya has more than 25 years of national and international experience in program development, staff development and management of human service and nonprofit organizations. She was the operational director of a collaborative network providing a continuum of services to adolescents-in-crisis, and has been a certified Therapeutic Crisis Intervention trainer for 18 years. With a straight talk approach that is tough on problems and respectful of people, Maya’s dedication to quality services for youth and other populations made her a pioneer in family-based programming.

Phone: 617.834.5650. Email apramaya@msn.com.

Santjes Oomen
Holistic Healing & Bodywork

Santjes Oomen
Santjes Oomen

Santjes Oomen has over two decades of experience as a compassionate, inspiring spiritual teacher. She strives to help those dealing with physical, emotional and/or psychological challenges to move toward healing, wholeness and strength. She trained across Europe and the U.S., completing her Holistic Health Practitioner certification in 1992.

She practices Swedish and circulatory massage, deep tissue massage, lymph drainage, passive joint movement (Trager), structural integration (Rolfing), cranial-sacral therapy, polarity therapy (Randolf Stone), Tui Na and Seitia Shiatsu. As a teacher of yoga, Spirit In Practice, and Healing with Sound, Santjes taps into the sacred power of the group field. For Santjes, Family Constellation work builds on this practice and takes it to the next level of healing.

Phone: 508.229.9939. Email santjesoomen@hotmail.com.

Susan Rotman,
Intuitive Coach and Facilitator

Susan Rotman

Susan Rotman is an intuitive spiritual teacher who helps people to transform their lives in deep and positive ways. Susan works with individuals, groups and businesses in accessing and developing intuitive knowing and integrating it with logical thought for informed, balanced and purposeful decision-making. She blends practical information and personal or business advice together with spiritual insight into the individual and his or her soul and life purpose.

Originally an attorney and mediator, Susan practiced law for many years and has extensive experience representing both individual and corporate clients. She also has a broad background in cosmological, esoteric and metaphysical studies, mysticism, spirituality, and personal and family development practices. Website.

Comma Williams,
Coach, Facilitator, Shaman

Comma Williams headshot
Comma Williams

Comma Williams is an initiated shaman in the Q’ero tradition of Peru. A shaman is someone who acts as a bridge between this ordinary reality (our reality) and the non-ordinary reality that we cannot see. A shaman is someone who sees differently.

Comma is also a Training & Organization Development Facilitator (M.Ed.) and Personal Success Coach (S.U.N.). In all of these roles, Comma acts as a bridge, providing and facilitating experiences that move individuals and groups toward transformation.

Phone: 781.899.0882. Email Comma@CommaWilliams.com.

Julie Fender-Zobel, LMT, BFA
Breathwork Facilitator and Bodyworker

Julie Zobel

Julie Fender-Zobel is a painter with a Fine Arts degree from Massachusetts College of Art. She is also a gardener and a licensed massage therapist who has practiced in a variety of settings for nearly 20 years. Before attending massage school at the Muscular Therapy Institute, Julie worked in the field of Domestic Violence, assisting battered women and their children.  

In 2000, Julie studied Transformational Breathwork with Samvedam and became a Certified Breathwork Facilitator.  She has studied and practiced many forms of Mindfulness Meditation and Creative Visualization.  She worked with Dr. Mary Bove N.D. for five years in the fields of Herbal Medicine and Energy Medicine and she is currently studying the Family Constellations method with Samvedam. Julie has a private practice in Brattleboro, VT. Website

Phone: 617.275.3226. Email juliefender@comcast.net.


Annie Skillings, MS

Annie Skillings

Annie offers workshops and private sessions with horses and humans to explore how our interactions with horses aid our growth and healing.  She has over 50 years of experience with horses. She was involved in teaching and training in dressage under a dressage rider longlisted for the Olympics. After that Annie became the director of riding at The Putney School in Vermont.  For the last two decades she has studied with several of the leaders of the equine assisted learning movement, including EAGALA, Natural Lifemanship, and Linda Kohanov of Eponaquest.  In addition to her time with horses, Annie worked for 13 years at the Center for Mindfulness at UMass Medical Center, trained as a spiritual director and has studied Tai Chi with the Long River Tai Chi school.

Annie is now studying systemic constellation work at the IAI and has co-constellated with Samvedam and the Crinnis herd for the last year.