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Family Constellations is a unique approach to psychological challenges that allows us to uncover and address the deeper, unconscious dynamics in family systems. Each of us, whether single or partnered, is profoundly influenced by our family of origin. We are all part of an already existing group soul, and whether or not we understand its dynamics, we are extremely loyal to it. Family Constellations address the larger energy system around us – our ancestral lineage.

Family Constellation work demonstrates that many of our deepest struggles may not have started with us, but are unconscious ways of balancing trauma that occurred in our lineage. In fact, the emerging science of Epigenetics can prove now that trauma is inherited. It impacts us without our knowing, because love and loyalty to our ancestors is sometimes expressed in unconscious ways that hinder our growth and happiness. Everything that is unresolved moves forward into the next generation.

Constellation work offers an opportunity to find peace with who and what happened in our families before we arrived. Honoring our ancestors’ fate through group process and ritual has set many people free from longstanding difficult life circumstances and patterns.

As we search for the deeper movements of the soul, we often discover how loyal children are to their families and how much their need to belong influences their actions. Unfortunately these loyalties don’t necessarily serve us later in life, and we usually are unaware that we continue to attempt to balance unresolved energies in our families of origin.

In family constellation work, we look to understand the impact of unresolved family issues, or secrets. Often we become more aware of influences from our ancestors’ fates on our own lives. Once these connections are identified, a healing process can unfold in which we look for the love that is inherent in most families but which is often obscured by pain, fear and anger.

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