Spirit Journeys

Our Journeys of the Spirit invite participants to explore new territory in the inner and outer worlds. We draw support for these journeys from special places on the earth where the elements offer space, strength, and their own unique flavor to aid our growth.

Coming April 14-23, 2020…


Our 2020 Inner Arts Spirit Journey to Peru is a time to step away from our lives to realign with our soul. On such a journey, the mind, body, spirit, and emotions click back into higher alignment. We change our lens of perception and find a much larger view of who we are and why we are here. Click to learn more.

Spirit Journeys Previously Hosted

Rituals, ceremony, meditations and traditional spiritual practices help us realign with what matters most to us. Through group process we solidify our intention to bring our visions back into our daily lives.

Preparation and Purification

Vision Quests require preparation and purification before the actual quest, and end with a phase of integration. We facilitate both phases. During the Vision Quest itself, students may either be alone in nature for three days and nights or participate in an alternative guided program at base camp.