What People Say About Us


Samvedam’s empathy, skill and creative techniques have helped me to heal old hurts and make room for a happier life.  Her style is gentle and successful.


Inspires trust in even the most timid

I began work doing breathwork with Samvedam over 15 years ago, and  was in the Learning Group for several years. Samvedam is a powerfully intuitive teacher who inspires trust in even the most timid students and clients.

Tom N.

A truly gifted healer

After having experienced many diverse healing modalities, I came to understand that it was not just the tool that was important, but rather the ability of the therapist to dig deep and hold sacred the unconscious material that can shape one’s life.

Samvedam has a heart that is wide open and a wisdom and clarity to help her clients transform their lives. She is a truly gifted healer that has helped me throughout the years both individually and within the safety of her groups.

C. Hall

Eternally grateful

Samvedam has helped guide me through several difficult transitions over the past ten years. She never once made me feel “broken” or in need of fixing. She is a compassionate listener who  taught me about full body presence and self forgiveness… gifts for which I am eternally grateful.

Julie Z.

Never anything less than dignity and respect

One of the things about Samvedam that I love the best is that she can stay objective. When she’s working with you, and you’re starting to go off onto a tangent that’s really not valuable or going to help you in any way, she can pull you back in with dignity and respect. You never feel anything less than that dignity and respect… you always walk out of there with something. She’s very approachable and doesn’t ever make you feel that she’s way above you.


Caral S.

I just treasure Samvedam’s integrity

I just treasure Samvedam’s integrity. I think that’s why I’m here.

Astrid R.L.

An extraordinary facilitator

“Samvedam is an extraordinary facilitator. She brings a depth of experience and an incredibly gentle touch, but with a steely resolve to have people address what’s there.

Lizzie F.

A real authority

Samvedam goes with the flow. She’s a real authority, which is great. I think the authority is a great container for the intimacy that needs to happen. And I know first-hand, that takes some experience and some learning.

Dennis D.

Held in a very sacred manner

WOW! What an adventure, what a gift. For me the Vision Quest was about going within, listening to the stillness and my guides. I felt perfectly safe and that the entire adventure was held in a very sacred manner by Samvedam.

Samvedam and Maya worked very well together to guide and counsel me through my quest. They were both very helpful in my process. The location was magical and so beautiful. I highly recommend this Vision Quest and know that any trip guided by Samvedam would be wonderful.

Thank you so much, Samvedam and Maya.

Linda A.

Beyond my wildest dreams

Kudos to Samvedam and Maya for the insight and process that they held for each of us collectively and individually. The rituals offered helped to support and comfort. The whole ten days unfolded as was meant to be.

The experience opened me to a sensitivity free of limiting beliefs and noise, and the connection to nature was filled with metaphors for living and relating to my life going forward. Most of all, I did meet myself like I never would have believed possible. “I love you so much” was never before part of my vocabulary to myself.

This quest was a gift. If anyone reading this is questioning or held in check by fear, I say just do it. You will not regret it.

Liz E.

Absolutely perfect

There was a moment the day after the vision quest where I had an epiphany: for the first time since I was very very young, I felt absolutely perfect. I was so proud of myself, not because “I did it,” not because I survived for three days on my own in the wilderness, but because I was me. I realized, I like myself. I am perfect just the way I am.

Of course I had told myself this before, and it sounds so simple to think or say. But to actually experience pure and utter acceptance of the self is truly uplifting.

The vision quest is not about surviving, or skirting death. It is about finding Life, and filling oneself up with Spirit.

The facilitators of this journey were absolutely fantastic. They had intuitive insight on where and how I needed help on my quest, and were able to subtly guide me in precisely the manner necessary to get me through. I not only recommend a vision quest for someone who is seeking inner clarity, but I recommend this particular quest with these particular facilitators.

Caitlin R.

I am still in awe and ever so grateful

It’s been almost two months since returning from the Vision Quest, and I am still in awe and ever so grateful I attended\.

I went  in hopes of burying the self-critical part of myself that made living so painful–-physically and emotionally.

But “burying” is not the right word for what happened on this trip. “Transformed” is more accurate. My chronic joint pain is gone. And the compassion and self-love I feel still holds me steady and strong.

As a psychotherapist, I know all that goes in to preparing and facilitating a group process, especially one of this nature. Samvedam is intuitive, kind, honest, and wise. I would not have attended this Vision Quest with anyone else leading it.

Judy H.