What is Family Constellation Work?
Historical Foundations

rope with flower represents the love that is discovered in this family constellation foundations training online.

The Constellation Learning group is a wise and caring circle that changes your life perspective. We are not just saying this. We have heard it countless times from our participants and have added some testimonies below. Your perspective will expand and deepen, allowing for more freedom and compassion in your life.

Through immersion in family constellation work, we journey into our mother’s and father’s lineages and come into an understanding of the gifts and burdens we are carrying from each. Our intention focuses on helping love to flow within our families and communities. Our circle becomes a safe place to experiment with what heals.

Why participate?

To embody your gifts and bring them into the world

To bring unconscious obstacles into the light of consciousness, where we can address and release them

To understand the foundations of systemic constellation work

To heal your family’s past trauma and release yourself and your children from carrying unresolved issues forward

To connect with a group of likeminded travelers who will support you on your journey as you will support them

How The Learning Group Is Structured

The 2022 Constellation Learning Group training begins and ends with a 3-day in-person Intensive, in which we immerse ourselves in family constellations. You will connect to your mother’s and your father’s lineages.

No matter what you find there, when you truly see and feel what your ancestors experienced, you can stand firmly and with pride on their shoulders. Embodying your family lineage with all its gifts, strength, wounds, and unfinished dreams, you will find that you are becoming whole and strong in Self.

There also will be 3 full-day Zoom workshops that offer teachings around certain themes that we see frequently in systemic constellation work. Here you will learn the foundational knowledge of this work and experience it in your own body. Module 3 will have an extra day on Sunday for further integration work. Please see the schedule below for details.

We will make space for you to bring your personal issue, no matter if it is about your family, career, health or something else. In the safety of our circle, we will explore what underlying dynamics may be holding you back and what shifts are possible.

Constellation Work takes courage, and it can be very rewarding.

So often, in the depth of these currents we discover tremendous resilience, love and loyalty.

Web enrichment materials to deepen your learning:

You will gain access to a password-protected area of our website specifically for students of the Constellation Learning Group. Here you’ll learn from readings and short videos distilled from decades of Systemic Constellation training and practice.

Small groups are encouraged to meet regularly to integrate the studies and personal work. These group will be established during module one.

How do we stay Covid-safe?

Constellation work is difficult to do with masks, as facial expressions are key to this mostly non-verbal modality. In a recent newsletter and blog post, we described our thinking about in-person gatherings and Covid-safe practices. In short:

• The Learning Group will be limited to 15 people, which allows for plenty of spaciousness in our group room.

• Our mega air purifier will be doing its work throughout the meetings.

• Windows will stay open as needed as the wood stove keeps us cozy and warm.

• People need to be vaccinated and Covid tested before they arrive. We ask that you purchase a home testing kit and follow instructions on the kit. The second test should be performed the day before we meet. Please send the negative test result or bring it when you come.

We do our best to then stay “in our bubble”. That means that we will hire a cook to take care of lunch and snacks.

• Everybody is welcome to wear a mask for their protection if they so desire.

For lodging please go to Airbnb, hotels or Bed and Breakfast sites.



Beginning 3-Day Intensive
In-person in Amherst, MA
January 28-30, 2022

We start at 10am on Jan 28
and close at 3pm on Jan 30
Basic principles of Systemic Constellation work.
Belonging , Entanglements and Blind Loyalties.
Transgenerational Transmissions,
Lifting the Burdens
On Zoom
February 19 , 2022
10 am – 4.30 pm
Who is the Victim? Who is the Perpetrator?
How does this dynamic repeat in personal, Intergenerational and collective cultural settings.
On Zoom
March 12, 2022
10 am – 4.30 pm

Sunday, March 13
10 am – 1pm
With guest facilitator Susan Belchamber
Exploring the origins of our relationship with money

Learning Group Integration Time
On Zoom
April 9, 2022
10am – 4.30 pm
Exploring the larger imprints of the time and culture that we are each born into and how they live on within us. Only collectively can we shed these burdens and invite a light-filled future.
Ending 3-day Intensive
In-person in Amherst, MA
May 20-22, 2022

We start at 10am on May 20
and close at 3pm on May 22
Physical symptoms as messengers
The dance of Polarities
Unusual Fates

How to Register:

Lotus logo, therapy and beyond at the Inner Arts Institute of Boston, formerly is accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. The group will be limited to a maximum of 15 members.

EARLY BIRD PAYMENT;   $2,200  (if paid in full by December 1st, 2021)

This includes food for the two Intensives, but not accommodations.
In some cases it is possible to work out a scholarship or payment plan. Please contact Samvedam for information.



key in lock, representing boston area family constellation training for 2019-2020.My experience in the Learning Group was life changing. I was amazed and grateful for the empathy and skill of the facilitators, who were clearly drawing on much experience and deep intuitive wisdom.

I appreciated each session’s alternation between full constellations and shorter exercises done in smaller groups. Every single exercise yielded important insights into myself and my personal history, as well as greater understanding of human experience in general, and of this thing called the Field.

I have sometimes described my experiences with Constellation Work as “incredibly entertaining.” This is not to cheapen the work, but to describe how completely it captures my attention and meets different needs, all at the same time. I have a background in theater and experimental performance, and a love of improvising. I also have a longstanding involvement with energy work and a drive to understand more about how the world works. As a Representative in Family or Systemic Constellations, one is “improvising,” or letting actions and words emerge from one’s own feelings. At the same time, one is aware that these feelings arise through ‘tuning in’ to the field. The words and actions that come forth in a Constellation often have a profound healing and lasting effect.

The move to online constellations, while initially a dismaying prospect, ultimately reinforced the emphasis on sensing through non-physical means. It swiftly became clear that being together in person was not necessary for the energy to be shared and experienced.

I have gained insights into the workings of my own personality and family dynamics I knew nothing about. I have acquired greater understanding of and empathy for other human beings. Cultivating empathy strikes me as something that our planet cannot help but benefit from, to counterbalance the tendency towards judgment and intolerance that currently ravage human society.

I greatly appreciate the Learning Group’s emphasis on holding constellations “blind.” That is, without immediately revealing who is representing what. This allows one to tune into one’s feelings without bringing in the element of thought—how one thinks one should behave. It eliminates doubt as to whether one is acting according to intuitive sense or intellectual expectations.

In conclusion, I have to say that embarking upon the Learning Group journey has been a highly fascinating, productive experience. I know that my journey with Constellation Work has only just begun, and I can’t wait to continue the exploration.

–Alisa Clemens

Breathwork, Family Constellations & Therapy | Boston MA