The Constellation Learning Group

•  Have you struggled with a longstanding, repetitive pattern that continues to cause you confusion, pain, and struggle in your life?

•  Have you tried various forms of personal & spiritual growth (and perhaps therapy) only to be left feeling disappointed, because they never quite got to the root of that old pattern that keeps showing up?

•  Have you ever wondered if you might be ‘carrying’ a trauma, pain, or pattern for someone else in your family (because there’s no obvious root cause from your own past)?

•  Do you have a sense that, if you were able to finally solve that one big, persistent issue, you’d finally be able to have the life you wanted (without constant interference from the past)?

• Are you already facilitating constellations, or expect to be soon, and wish to hone your skills and receive supervision in a supportive group of peers with experienced guides?

If you said “yes” to any of these questions, the Constellation Learning Group can make a big difference in your life.


Keys to family constellations, online family constellation workshops 2020 and 2021.I Joined the learning group last year, hoping to break up some entrenched patterns in my life.

I found myself inside a compassionate crucible with my fellow students and our skillful and competent leaders. We quickly built group cohesion and a deep level of trust, allowing us all to go deeper into a healing journey than we had thought possible.

I came unstuck many times. It was scary and painful; and I was held so tenderly that I began to heal these previously untouchable places within me. I was no longer alone with all the unprocessed trauma embedded in my nervous system.

This sensation is rare in this world and so vital to my unfolding growth."

I’m so thankful to Samvedam and Julie for guiding this journey. I am more free to be myself as a result of being in this group."

~Moriah Floyd

2 OPTIONS: The Art of Constellations (Advanced Training) or The Foundations Learning Group


rope with flower represents the love that is discovered in this family constellation foundations training online.The CONSTELLATION FOUNDATIONS Learning Group begins the weekend of November 21-22, 2020 and runs through mid-April. It is an immersive experience in a wise and caring community that employs carefully tested methods of working with constellations in a Zoom format. Those who register by October 9th are eligible for a $300 Early Bird discount.


paper hearts representing the art of constellations, a training group for facilitators, 2020-2021, Zoom online training.The ART OF CONSTELLATIONS: ADVANCED TRAINING & FACILITATION Group meets 4 Friday mornings this fall. This group is for practitioners who are already facilitating constellations or aspire to move into this role. It provides practice and supervision for common facilitation challenges with Family Constellations.  We meet 9am-Noon EST on Zoom on the following dates:

•  Friday, October 9th
•  Friday, October 23rd

•  Friday, November 13th
•  Friday, December 11th