The Constellation Learning Group

A Constellation Learning Community

What is the Constellation Learning Group? It is a deep immersion and basic training in the profound healing possibilities that Family Constellations provide. This learning experience will offer you an opportunity for a supportive learning community as you see and feel your perspective and experiences transform in your life.

Offering 2 Locations This Year:

The VERMONT GROUP starts October 11, 2019 and concludes with a winter retreat January 24-26, 2020. The BOSTON-AREA GROUP begins with the January retreat and concludes in May. The groups feature:

Weekend Training Modules

Our Constellation training modules are non-residential gatherings. Participants engage in Constellation practice and learn the theory that underpins this transformational work.

The January module is a residential mid-winter retreat at the beautiful Sirius Community in Western Massachusetts.  Supported by the beauty of nature, we attune to the Self, one another, and each one's journey to gain insight, balance, and healing.


While the VERMONT and BOSTON groups are configured differently, participants in both groups receive discounted admission to additional weekend events featuring special guests.

In November, we will host Volker Frank, a highly respected expert on Organizational Constellations. In May, 2020, we feature Collective Constellation Work and sound healing with Karl-Heinz Rauscher.


Readings and short videos distilled from decades of Systemic Constellation training and practice are available to students in a password-protected section of our website.

Topics include the application of Constellation work to family-of-origin issues like relationship dynamics and finances, Organizational Constellations, physical or mental illness, and more.


To help participants integrate their personal constellations, BOSTON-AREA participants have access to 2 private sessions with one of our staff.

These will be individually scheduled as needed.

VERMONT participants will receive 3 classes to deepen understanding of basic concepts, and may also schedule one private session with one of our staff.

Calendar & Registration