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If you’re reading this page, then chances are you already know about Family Constellations. Perhaps you’ve experienced it at the Inner Arts Institute or with another facilitator. Even if you’ve only had a little bit of exposure to this method, something inside you is telling you that this is different, and that it can assist you in the deeper transformation you’ve been seeking.

If you’ve done healing work on yourself, and those deep patterns haven’t shifted to your satisfaction, I have some good news for you.

Why Most Healing Modalities Simply Don’t Work To Produce Lasting Change

Years ago there was a fascinating study in the field of epigenetics. This study surprised the scientific community, and forever changed the way therapists like myself think about trauma and longstanding patterns in people’s lives.

A group of scientists were doing experiments on mice, and what they discovered will change how you look at your own issues forever. They introduced the smell of Cherry Blossoms into the cage, and once the mice smelled them, the scientists gave the mice an electric shock.

(I know. I don’t like it either, but this is really worth hearing.)

After repeating this process a number of times, they found that if they simply introduced the smell of Cherry Blossoms into the cage without any shock, the mice would still (understandably) go into a panic. Eventually they stopped with the electric shocks and let the mice live out their lives as normal… playing, mating, and having offspring. 

The Most Surprising Part Of The Experiment

The scientists found that the offspring of the mice were equally terrified of the smell of Cherry Blossoms, even though they never had any experience with the electric shocks. 

And believe it or not, this continued for three generations. 

That means that the great grandchildren of the original mice were still carrying the trauma of the first generation that was shocked in the cages… even though they had no reason whatsoever to be afraid of the smell of Cherry Blossoms.

What This Means For You

The reason this experiment is such a big deal is that, for the first time in history, we have proof that trauma gets past down genetically. That means that the issues you’ve been struggling with (often unexplainably) may not have started with you in your own life.

It means you may actually be carrying the pain (or the beliefs, the struggles, the patterns) of someone from your family lineage. If these issues were never resolved and healed, they got passed downward to the next generation to get healed.

This also presents a very big window of opportunity for those of us interested in healing. It helps us shift from “Why did this happen to me?” to “I wonder what happened in my family system that is causing this to show up in my life?”.

That is why it’s my pleasure to tell you about our deepest and most profound program here at the Inner Arts Institute. The Family Constellation Learning Group is a four-month deep dive into your family lineage, and it has the potential to permanently shift and heal longstanding issues that have been troubling you.

Here Are Some Of The Benefits Clients Have Received From Participating In The Learning Group:

•  They gain a ‘wider’ perspective on their issues. They no longer see themselves as an isolated person with a set of problems to fix. This new perspective helps them see that they are part of a larger family system that have collectively experienced many difficult situations the client never even knew about.

•  Because of the healing that takes place in the workshops, clients end up protecting their own children (and their grandchildren, and so on) from carrying these same burdens in their lives.

•  People get to have an embodied experience of what it’s like to be many different kinds of people. For example, they actually get to experience how it feels to be things like: a perpetrator, a victim, a colonist, a father who was disappointed in his marriage and how that played out with his children, a mother who carried deep grief due to the loss of a child, etc. This dramatically expands your capacity for empathy out in the world.

•  Clients report that very persistent (and unexplainable) issues have unraveled and resolved themselves after doing a Constellation with us. For example, one client finally discovered the reason she was unable to go into grocery stores. It was because he grandmother had starved to death during the Holocaust, and she was carrying guilt without realizing it. That trauma has permanently lifted from her life, and she now feels free to go into any store she wishes.

•  People become free of what seems like karma… free to live their own lives without the constant influence of an ancestor’s trauma pressing on them.

•  People get to experience and heal the cultural trauma that they were born into without realizing it. For example, I was born in Germany after WWII. I was surrounded by cultural trauma from the moment I entered this world. There’s also the cultural trauma of being oppressed by another military or political force. The list is quite large, and it’s often something that’s invisible to us. We are like fish, and the cultural trauma is the water we swim in without realizing it.

•  Most clients are thrilled that they can finally trace a particular issue or symptom to its real root cause. This helps shed a lot of ‘psychic weight’, because they realize that they’re carrying something that was never their issue to begin with. Guilt and shame are replaced with curiosity and compassion for their family lineage.

•  And so much more. We’re really only just scratching the surface here.

What Kind Of People Participate In The Learning Group?

There really isn’t one ‘type’ of person we typically attract. We have everything from busy therapists to home contractors to housewives to C-suite executives.

What they do have in common, though, is that they tend to have at least one big issue that has followed them throughout their lives… and they’re ready to heal it.

Also, participants have often tried a variety of other healing modalities, and they were left feeling incomplete. This makes sense, of course, because those persistent issues often didn’t begin in this lifetime. It’s been passed down the family line, just like with the mice and the Cherry Blossoms.

You have to have the right tool for the job. Family Constellations is the best method I’ve seen to untangle and resolve those kinds of issues.

How The Learning Group Is Structured

This year we’re excited to offer two options for the Learning Group - (1) Basic and (2) Expanded. The basic program consists of four weekend workshops, one of which is a retreat in Western Massachusetts at a beautiful location called Sirius Community.

During these four weekends, you’ll have a chance to look at both your mother’s and father’s lineage. People often gain surprising insights into how those family lines are affecting them in this present day.

You’ll have a chance to explore areas such as: career, life purpose, romantic relationships, child abuse, the pain and incompleteness that comes with losing a child, persistent health and body issues, etc.

You will walk away with an expanded view of both who you are as an individual, as well as who you are in the context of your family system. This really does change how you see yourself and your place in this world… for the better.

Two private sessions: In addition to the four weekends, you also receive two private sessions with either myself or one of my staff. Most people find the care and support of the group incredibly nourishing, but they also appreciate having a chance to work one-on-one with a facilitator.

Some people like to use these sessions to dive deeper into what they discovered during one of the weekends. Others have things they’d rather only discuss in private, and want a safe space to do that. We’d love to support you in whatever way feels right for you.

Web enrichment materials to deepen your learning: You’ll also gain access to a password protected area of our website specifically for students of The Learning Group. Here you’ll access to readings and short videos distilled from decades of Systemic Constellation training and practice.

Topics include:

•  The application of Constellation work to family-of-origin issues like relationship dynamics and finances.
•  Organizational Constellations and how to apply this work in your career path.
•  Physical or mental illness.
•  And more.

Remember, we’re still talking about the basic program. Now I’d like to show you...

What The Expanded Learning Group Includes:

In addition to everything you see above, you also have the chance to join our expanded program which consists of two guest facilitators. Here’s what they offer:

Organizational Constellations With Volker Frank - With Family Constellations, we’re exploring the unseen world of your family lineage and the pain, trauma, and patterns that are causing difficulty for you in this life. Similarly, Organizational Constellations does this with a narrow focus on your workplace, your organization, and your career… once again, finding answers and solutions in the morphogenetic field and bringing them to light to be transformed. Click here for more info about Volker and what you can look forward to experiencing in this workshop.

Symptom Constellations & Sound Healing With Karl-Heinz Rauscher - Dr. Rauscher is a highly sought after facilitator who pioneered a new way of healing with Constellations. His method is called Healing Voices. It’s a way of using your voice and body as a medium to channel powerful energies that are all around us all the time, and direct it to heal people involved in the Constellation. There’s nothing quite like it anywhere in the world, and I believe you’re going to really enjoy adding this experience. Click here for more info about Dr. Rauscher and his Healing Voices methodology.

These weekends cost $450 each, but when you sign up for the expanded program, you save $295 over what you would have paid for them individually. Also, if only one of the additional weekends interests you, you can simply sign up for that one at the normal rate of $450.


child's hand poking through door with flower, to represent the hope of healing with family constellation work.

The cost of the Family Constellation Learning Group is only $2,100 which is incredibly low, considering that it includes two private sessions.

That comes out to $5.75 per day for one year. I'd like to ask you this.  What else do we spend $5.75 on every single day that makes no difference in our lives? Yet these are persistent symptoms and issues that have been with you for a long time... and they aren’t going anywhere unless you trace them back to the root cause and heal them at their source.

I’ve been a therapist with a busy practice for more than 25 years, and I can confidently tell you that this is the only modality I’ve ever seen that can actually do the healing work on your family lineage.

That’s why I’m so passionate about offering it to the world. I’ve seen what it’s done in my own life and in the lives of countless clients over the years. $5.75 per day is nothing compared to a lifetime of peace, freedom, happiness, and abundance… not to mention the renewed love and compassion for your own family system.

It’s also a bargain compared to the peace of mind you gain from protecting your own children and grandchildren from carrying these same issues.

On top of that, I have even more good news regarding the tuition. When you pay in full by October 15th, 2019, you get the early bird price of only $1,950 (a discount of $150).

Locations and Dates


The first weekend for the Brattleboro, group is on October 11-12, 2019. Click here for the full calendar and registration link for the Vermont group.


The first weekend for the Watertown group is on January 24-26, 2020. You’ll notice that this is 3 days. That’s because the first weekend of this group is the retreat in Western Massachusetts. The remaining 3 weekends are in Watertown, MA.  Click here for the full calendar and registration link for the Watertown group.