Symptom-Constellations & Healing Voices: A Masterclass with Dr. Karl-Heinz Rauscher

September 12-13, 2020  |  9:30am - 4:30pm

The body is our friend. It is much wiser than we. In our second Zoom masterclass with Dr. Rauscher, we again listen to its voice. We learn how symptoms and illnesses, whether physical or mental, bring messages which show the real cause in the background: for example, personal trauma, trans-generational trauma in the family system or collective burdens that have been affecting the society. This is also true for the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

We will learn how to detect collective trauma in the system, which often is the consequences of war, expulsion, genocide, the disrespect and oppression of women by patriarchal systems, or the disrespect of nature.

The Corona crisis may bring messages to individuals on a very personal level and, at the same time, collectively to humankind.

To translate symptom-constellation into a Zoom setting, Dr. Rauscher will set up some of the participants' symptoms and illnesses in a large room with placeholders (papers on the floor). He will step into every position one after the other to gather the information of the system, just as he does in online  therapy sessions utilizing constellations. During the collective constellations, participants can also choose to represent the positions of their choice. This approach has yielded powerful results in recent Zoom gatherings.

Dr. Rauscher will give teachings between the constellations and provide plenty of room for questions.

Healing Voices and Constellation Work

In some cases, especially in victim-perpetrator areas, in which the classic tools of Systemic Constellation Work are not sufficient to find a healing solution, Dr. Rauscher will introduce the innovative energetic-shamanic healing method Healing Voices, which he has developed in the last 20 years. The healing energies which work through “Healing Voices” deepen the healing experience in the constellation in a powerful way.

Participants will especially learn how to do powerful constellations in a one-to-one therapy setting online with Zoom or Skype which will be extremely helpful in these times of Corona.

All participants, whether they are experiencing their personal constellation, or witnessing systemic or shamanic healing movements, will benefit from this collective experience.

Registration:  $350
Early bird option: $300 by August 12, 2020.
Limited scholarship assistance is available~please contact us for availability.

Guest Facilitator Dr. Karl-Heinz Rauscher

Karl-Heinz Rauscher, MD, studied medicine in Munich and at Yale University, and spent 11 years practicing Internal Medicine. He is also trained in Humanistic Psychotherapy and group dynamics.

Trained in Family Constellation Work by Bert Hellinger, he has been leading international workshops and trainings since 1994 in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Sweden, England, Ireland, Netherlands, Latvia, USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina and Australia. In 2003 he published a schoolbook about Systemic Constellation Work in German. In the last years he developed special forms of Constellation Work for body symptoms, organs and physical and mental disease.

His newest development is the combination of Symptom-Constellation work with his energetic, shamanic work "Healing Voices.“ Dr. Rauscher also writes books on philosophy, novels, stage plays and screenplays. His newest books are "The principle of Unity: Everything is Connected to Everything“ (2017) and “Atlantis: The New Form of Community” (2018).

You can learn more at or by listening to this interview with Dr. Rauscher about his work.