Foundations of Organizational Constellations (Workshop Series)

6 FRIDAY AFTERNOONS |   FEB 26 - APRIL 2, 2021  |  2-5pm EST

In times of tremendous change and uncertainty, there is enormous pressure on organizations and their leaders to adapt to new and emerging circumstances. Leading and effecting change in organizations is difficult in the best of times. It becomes daunting when most people are stressed out and managing their fears.

People who want to make a difference continually face two basic challenges:

(1) They need to enroll others in pursuing good ideas, improvement suggestions and new opportunities. They need to ask for time commitments, resources, and often budget. Once they succeed, they face the second challenge.

(2) Now they need to execute and deliver on their promises. If they over promise or skip critical steps of creating alignment in the first phase, they will pay for it later by not getting the support and willingness to negotiate trade-offs necessary to succeed. That in turn will affect how readily their next suggestion will be embraced. It is often a struggle between expediency and longer term credibility.

What if there were ways to observe and explore the underlying dynamics that influence the willingness of people to embrace change and new ways of doing business? What if we could experience how to approach key individuals and groups of people so that they are truly heard and thus able to move beyond an impasse?

What needs to be seen and acknowledged in order to shift the situation so that alignment, collaboration, and team spirit can emerge?

Organizational Constellations allows us to make the hidden forces of self- organization visible. The forces that influence how we navigate and work around the formal structures of organizations through informal networks, personal relationships and an invisible favor economy. We can test and experiment with specific leadership moves to discover effective ways to move forward.

This series provides support for business owners, leaders and consultants who want to create work environments in which people thrive and contribute effectively to the well being of the organization. It also allows Constellation practitioners to expand their toolkit and the kind of situations for which they can offer systemic coaching.

In Six 3-Hour Zoom Sessions

You will Learn:

•  The Principles of self-organization.

•  How to lead and influence others in alignment with these self-organizing dynamics.

•  How to look at challenges from a systemic perspective.

•  Ways of working with intact teams.

•  The extent to which every day is a “Bring your family to work” day.

•  How to work with family businesses and sole practitioners.

Schedule and Topics:

We meet for 3 hours on six consecutive Fridays from 2-5pm EST on Zoom

●  Feb 26, 2021: Introduction to Organizational Constellations

●  March 5, 2021: Principles of Self-Organization

●  March 12, 2021: Influence and Leadership

●  March 19, 2021: Working with Intact Teams

●  March 26, 2021: Boundaries Between Organizational Consulting and Personal Work

●  April 2, 2021: Working with Sole Practitioners and Family Businesses



$800 for businesses, or $450 for individuals



Organizational Constellations and Systemic Constellations trainer Volker Frank 2020Volker Frank is an organizational consultant and executive coach living in Northern California. He works with the Inner Arts Institute using Systemic Constellations — helping clients uncover and leverage the hidden dynamics that motivate the quality of collaboration in organizations so that both the organization and the people, who bring it to life, thrive.

Volker has 20 years of experience with Constellations and is a Certified NLP Master Practitioner. He started his career in software design and extensively studied how people work across many industries. He is passionate about “learning” our way towards new ways of working. This requires leadership and self-leadership at every level of the organization. Instead of solely focusing on results, he pays close attention to the way people relate to each other when they organize their work and collaborate