Organizational Constellations: An Expanded  Constellation Training with Volker Frank, Executive Coach

November 23-24, 2019  |  9:30am - 4:30pm

door knocker surrounded with gold light, for family constellation facilitator trainingEvery group—be it a team, department or company—organizes around its structures, processes and relationships to produce predictable outcomes. In fact, every organization is perfectly designed to create exactly the experiences and outcomes it is already getting. One of the most vexing challenges is to figure out how to influence these self-organizing dynamics to create better outcomes and engaging work environments where people thrive.

Organizational Constellations can help us realign teams, resolve conflicts, restart stalled initiatives, resolve cross-functional tensions, and rescue projects. In this training, we use Organizational Constellations to gain deeper insights into organizational dynamics. And we use your specific work situations to identify which leadership actions have the greatest power to create movement.

In the course of a constellation, participants get a direct experience in clear terms of the prevailing perceptions
(such as trust/mistrust), the dominant concerns (such as
lack of reciprocity), and where individuals and groups direct their attention.

•  Participants also learn about their role in the current dynamic and how to participate in the change they desire.

•  Participants often experience a great sense of clarity and strength after a constellation that allows them to confidently take the next steps.

Registration: $400
OPEN TO ALL. *Registration fee is already covered for members of the Expanded Constellation Learning Group or Facilitator Training Group.

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More About Guest Facilitator Volker Frank

Volker Frank, executive coach and systemic constellation facilitator
Volker Frank.

Volker Frank is passionate about the development of highly functioning organizations that adapt fluidly and effortlessly to changing conditions and priorities. He supports businesses in meeting their financial objectives while promoting personal well-being.

He has 12 years of consulting experience in the high-tech sector where he has worked across industries and businesses of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Understanding systemic dynamics that operate outside of everyday awareness has had a tremendous impact on his work!

Volker provides management consulting and coaching to leaders and management teams to amplify their effectiveness. Learn more at