Trans-Generational Clearing Intensive

Deepening Our Constellation Work with Essential Oils

February 23-24, 2019
lavender field, to symbolize the use of essential oils with family constellations to fully clear transgenerational emotional patterns

We are delighted to host a transformative weekend with special guest Susan Ulfelder, director of Hellinger Institute Washington D.C.  Susan is among the first generation of U.S.-trained Systemic Constellation facilitators.

A former teacher at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, Susan broadened her scope from the individual energy field to the family energy field when she was exposed to Family Constellations. She has been assisting clients in releasing emotional patterns with essential oils for over 20 years.

When clearing emotional patterns down ancestral lines, she observed that the intensity of clients' feelings was often the result of carrying emotions for other family members. Combining essential oils with Family Constellations allows clients to engage in a trans-generational clearing that brings full relief.

Registration Details

The Trans-Generational Clearing Intensive is $350 for the weekend. The discounted rate for members of the Constellation Learning Group is $250.

How We Met Susan and Invited Her to Boston

SAMVEDAM: "I had the good fortune to be a representative in one of Susan's constellations at the 2018 North American Systemic Constellation conference. My representation took me deep into the experience of a soldier who had caused harm. I felt guarded and closed off.

"I had been in representations like this before, so I internally prepared myself for the journey to come… softening, recognizing what I had done, feelings of terrible remorse and guilt, and then hopefully, some kind of reconciliation with my own people or those whom I had harmed.

"Only, this time, the journey looked completely different."

"Susan came by with a small vial of essential oil and held it under my nose. I inhaled the smell and to my great surprise felt an instant change in my emotions… relief and ease.

Then she asked me to make a certain hand movement and speak:

”I learn from both sides with equal ease!”

What stunned me was that I (the representative) could now suddenly look at my loved ones as well as my victims and proceed with the healing work that was needed.

The constellation moved through at a much higher speed than it would have without this help from the plant kingdom.

Susan explained afterward that we could continue to help ourselves with essential oils that address our unique personal issues. She also introduced some important plant helpers and taught us what they do for our nervous system. I was so impressed that I asked her to come to Boston and introduce this new method to our community here.

Interested participants are urged to register promptly so that we meet the required number for Susan's workshops. 

Out-of-town guests: This is a local workshop, but participants from other parts of New England are welcome. It will be worth the journey!

Location and Time:

9:30am - 5pm
22 Mt. Auburn Street
Watertown, MA 02472
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massive mother tree with many trunks, roots, and branches