Organizational Constellations: Hidden Dynamics and Silent Agreements

January 23, 2021  |  9:30am - 4:30pm

door knocker surrounded with gold light, for family constellation facilitator training Our special guest Volker Frank will translate for us how the Orders of Love of family life manifest as self-organizing dynamics in organizations. They affect how people relate to each other while organizing their work and collaborating. This full-day workshop utilizes virtual systemic constellation techniques carefully refined during the pandemic.

The Role of Teams and Organizational History

In addition to what we bring to work as individuals, we also fill functional roles and hold positions that are part of organizational structures, like teams, departments, etc. We will explore how stepping into these roles and positions influence how we feel and relate to others. This often includes what happened to people in those positions before we arrived, as well as events from the history of the organization.

This is particularly impactful for business owners, senior leaders, and consultants who have tremendous influence on creating work environments in which people thrive. They become effective leaders by being clear and congruent in a time when everybody has to deal with big changes and economic uncertainty.

More About Guest Facilitator Volker Frank

Volker Frank is an organizational consultant and executive coach living in Northern California. He works with the Inner Arts Institute using Systemic Constellations — helping clients uncover and leverage the hidden dynamics that motivate the quality of collaboration in organizations so that both the organization and the people, who bring it to life, thrive.

Volker has 20 years of experience with Constellations and is a Certified NLP Master Practitioner. He started his career in software design and extensively studied how people work across many industries. He is passionate about “learning” our way towards new ways of working.

This requires leadership and self-leadership at every level of the organization. Instead of solely focusing on results, he pays close attention to the way people relate to each other when they organize their work and collaborate. Learn more at

This fee is covered for members of the Constellation Foundations Learning Group.