Grounding in Our Heart Space

Exploring the Knowing Field with Horses

For the last couple of years we have experimented with including nature and its many inhabitants in our constellation work.

It has been a fascinating and often astounding experiment!

Particularly our horse constellations have been so accurate and heart opening, that we would like to share the experience with you.

Each time we asked the horses to step into the field with us, some magic happened that opened the hearts and left us amazed.

We have also facilitated two constellations for the horses, which also brought astounding results. In one case, a mini horse was entangled with the child of its owner. The little boy had drowned before the woman bought this mini’s pregnant mother, and the foal took on the boy’s energy in the family system.


Samvedam with horses

The horses have graciously stepped in when we have asked them and shown us how to trust our heart space and ground more in this deep knowing of the “non mental” kind.

In this workshop, we offer practices to re-inhabit our heart and step into direct experiences with each other as well as with the Crinnis herd of horses, that have been our co-constellators for the last year.
The horses have shown us that they can step into the morphic field of a constellation and offer us insights into underlying dynamics.
Did you know that the horse’s electromagnetic field is 5 times more powerful than our human one? It extends up to 9 meters around the horse and when we are in that field, horses are super aware of a person’s authenticity and what is truly being felt.
They help us to return to simple authenticity in each moment and remind us of our kinship with all of life.
We will step into relationship with these horses, listen, sense and possibly set up a constellation if the herd agrees.

Workshop Info:


March 24th, 2023

9:30 - 5:00p EST

Location: SaMa Sanctuary, Amherst, MA

Cost: $250.-

THIS EVENT IS NOW FULL, we hope you join us next time!