Feeding the Hungry Ghost

Family Constellations for Addiction

4 Saturdays
Sept 18 - Dec 11, 2021  |  10am–4:30pm EST

UPDATE: This series is now closed. Please contact Samvedam to be placed on the wait list. There are few who walk in this life that have not been touched by addiction, either our own or that of another in our close circle of family or community.

Would you like to learn how addiction may serve you, protect you, and keep you from being fully present in this moment? It takes a brave and courageous traveler. The territory of addiction is usually covered in unconsciousness and shrouded in shame and denial.

If you would like to understand addiction and have the possibility of moving in your life a little freer and a little more gently, please join Samvedam Randles and Rasada Goldblatt for this powerful series. We will experience, reflect, and work in a gentle, non-judgmental environment. We will look deeper into what drives us when we over-drink, over-eat, over-work, smoke, and behave compulsively in our sex lives, video gaming, and more.

Somatic Experiencing, Family Constellations, Breathwork and Transparent Communication are some of the transformative tools that we will be using. Never heard of any of these? Don’t worry, we will explore together, and you will learn at your own chosen pace.


IAI Director Samvedam Randles with Rasada Goldblatt.  Our series is structured as follows:

Module 1 ~ September 18, 2021

Community building and resourcing

Our journey needs preparations and resources. We will build a safe container, get to know each other, attune to the collective field, and learn about what we love and what we struggle with. With permission and combined capacities we are able to feel, look, and listen to what happened to us and our families.

Module 2 ~ October 16, 2021

Honoring Our Self-Protective Behaviors

With support and care, we begin to find acceptance for what we have lived through and how we learned to protect ourselves. Our beliefs and attitudes arose for good reasons. Defensive strategies have served us well. Once we honor this, we find that we have choices. Here we often find unseen manifestations of loyalty to our family as underlying dynamics in our addictive patterns.

Module 3 ~ November 13th 2021

Getting to the heart of addictions

As our container gets stronger and our capacities increase, we are able to explore places that we have habitually avoided for good reason. Together we slowly move into them. These are vulnerable, tender places that need careful listening and holding. Here we stop running or acting out.

We bring the vulnerable into our midst and look with fresh eyes. Often, we claim wisdom from old challenges and are able to experience our world differently.

Module 4 ~ December 11th 2021

Restoration and Integration

It is harvest time! Looking at what we have learned with fresh eyes, we claim wisdom from what we now understand as our creative and courageous journeys. We integrate, digest and shift the focus of our attention to what we value and wish to create. With this shift of focus, and the support of community, we create the new.

More about Rasada Goldblatt:

Rasada Goldblatt, guest facilitator for Using Family Constellations for Addiction, or How to Find and Honor the Love Behind the Bottle
Rasada Goldblatt

A citizen of South Africa, Rasada is a creative and dynamic practitioner in the field of addiction counseling. He has 15 years of working in the field of Systemic Constellations, as well as extensive experience in a variety of treatment environments including addiction rehabilitation centers. Rasada assists each individual to slow down, unpack, recognize, and remember their innate capacity for change. For many years he has facilitated a weekly session in a drug rehab in Johannesburg, where he demonstrates a sensitive, playful and loving respect for the innate possibilities embodied within each human being.

Rasada is a survivor of teenage addiction. He has completed advanced training with Peter Levine and has been a facilitator of Somatic Experiencing since 2008. He is a member of www.familyconstellations.co.za.

About Samvedam Randles:

samvedam randles, boston psychotherapist and family constellations facilitator
Samvedam Randles

Samvedam B. Randles is a psychologist, group facilitator, and trainer in Boston, where she founded the Inner Arts Institute. Samvedam has offered workshops and trainings for over 20 years.

Samvedam has a private therapy practice, trains Breathwork facilitators and Family Constellations facilitators, and  enjoys working with individual clients and leading groups into beautiful natural settings to experience new ways of connecting to the Self and Spirit. She also serves as a supervisor to therapists in training. For a full bio, please see About the Director.

Cost for the Series:

Some scholarships available.

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