What is a Breathwork Session Like?

What is Breathwork?
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During a breathwork session, you breathe actively and consciously for 45 minutes. After an initial warm-up and check-in with one of our facilitators, you are asked to lie on the floor (on a yoga mat) and breathe deeply into your abdomen. Once you establish a breathing pattern, we will help you bring the breath up into your chest, your throat, and the higher parts of your lungs. We teach you to connect your inhale with your exhale; to focus on the inhale, and to let go on the exhale.

Trained breathwork facilitators use a variety of techniques to help you maintain awareness of your breathing rhythm, release suppressed feelings when they rise to consciousness, make room for a fully connected breath, and ground your experience:

  • Focused energy releases.  Pressure point massage can help you move your breath into all parts of your lungs and release areas of tension that are restricting full movement of the breath.
  • Affirmations unique to your process. We may give you positive suggestions to repeat in order to establish feelings of safety and facilitate movement of the breath with challenging feelings that arise.
  • Toning and music. Music is played throughout the session to support your inner journey with breathwork. Our facilitators may also suggest that you make toning or droning sounds to help you clear tension and make room for the fully connected breath. As you experience a clearing of tension, you are guided to stop toning and return to the consciously connected breath. This allows you to integrate your experience and resume your inner journey.

Why is a facilitator needed for breathwork?

Besides teaching you the process, the facilitator provides guidance and support during your session. The facilitator gives you an added element of permission and support to maintain connection with the breath and go deeper into your experience. As you become proficient with breathwork practice, it becomes an active meditation which may not require a facilitator.