A Breathwork Intensive and Training

What is Breathwork?
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Human beings breathe approximately 20,000 times a day and we assume that we are breathing correctly. Yet 90 percent of people have a somewhat restricted breathing pattern, and 50 percent show severe restrictions in their breathing.

Our Breathwork Intensive teaches you to open your body anew to a full wave of breath. This can fill you with the vibrancy and aliveness that we see in young children whose breath is still “open.” Breathwork can also stimulate the body’s natural healing, clearing out physical symptoms or pain, and even addressing addictive patterns.
Through consciously directed breathing methods, we teach you how to correct restricted breathing patterns. This facilitates healing of repressed, unconscious issues, leading to a freer, more joyous life experience. As you master the powerful tools you learn in the Breathwork Intensive, you may find yourself connecting to higher states of consciousness with ease and joy.

Breathwork Training – Part 1

Eastern Approaches to Breathwork
  • Clearing the Chakra System
  • Breath and Meditation
  • Breath and Movement
Western Approaches to Breathwork
  • Body Oriented Psychotherapy
  • Wilhelm Reichs Segment Theory
  • Opening Body Armoring
  • Different Methods of Breathwork

Breathwork Training – Part 2

  • Facilitating a Breath Session
  • Breath and Sound
  • Breath and Art Therapy
  • Breathing Analysis
  • Re-educating the Mind in Breathwork
  • Self-Hypnosis in Breathwork
  • Intuitional Development

Breathwork Training – Part 3

  • Oxygen Healing Therapies
  • Breath and Micro-movement
  • Hands-on Help in Breathwork Sessions
  • Opening the Eye Segment
  • The Transpersonal Self in Breathwork
  • Invocation

You may take Part 1 as a separate workshop. Parts 2 and 3 can only be taken as part of the whole program. Read an account of breathwork and training from a student.