Tending Our Roots

A Weekend Constellation Workshop in Amherst, Mass

November 5-6, 2021

Now full. Contact Samvedam to join the wait list.

massive mother tree with many trunks, roots, and branches

Covid permitting, we hope to gather a small circe in person to dive deeply into healing work.

We welcome any issue that is emerging, be it in your body, relationships, or the larger field of our world. We will hold it in our circle of shared presence with care and non-judgment.

Stepping into the systemic fields to explore what is happening in the unconscious gives us deeper insights into what is needed to heal.

Our ancestry lives in us. Every ancestor that is integrated in our life is an open channel to the light. Those that are forgotten, hidden or despised continue to throw their shadows in order to be seen and remembered.

Family Constellations, Nature Constellations, and Medicine Wheel Constellations can help us to feel and integrate what is ready to move within us and our systems. Let us look together!

Covid-Safe practices

Constellation work is difficult to do with masks, as facial expressions are key to this mostly non-verbal modality.

For this reason we can only invite people with proof of vaccination. We will also limit the group to 15 people in order to keep distance in the room. We hope to work outside for some of the time.  Please bring appropriate clothing.

Catering our lunch is also fraught with issues during Covid. Please bring your own lunch and snacks. We will have water and fruit available at all times.

TIME/PLACE:  9:30 AM - 5PM AT SaMa Sanctuary in Amherst, MA.
FEE:  $390


Samvedam Randles, LMHC, Director of the Inner Arts Institute. Please contact Samvedam at 617.926.1301 if you have questions.

Medicine Wheel from a previous year's ceremony.