Roots and Wings

A Constellation Learning Circle

Have you struggled with a longstanding, repetitive pattern that continues to cause you confusion, pain, and struggle in your life?

Have you tried various forms of personal & spiritual growth (and perhaps therapy) only to be left feeling disappointed, because they never quite get to the root of that same old pattern that keeps showing up in your life?

Have you ever wondered if you might be ‘carrying’ a trauma, pain,

or pattern for someone else in your family (because there’s no obvious root cause from your own past)?

Do you have a sense that, if you were able to finally solve that one big, persistent issue, you’d finally be able to have the life you wanted (without constant interference from the past)?

If you said “yes” to any of these questions, then I believe we may have something that can make a big difference in your life.

Would you like to allow your light to flow more brightly through you and then into the larger world? Then join our circle, exploring what might need tending to in your roots/ ancestry. This foundational experiential training in Systemic Constellation work, strengthens your capacity to experience some root answers to the questions in your heart and mind allowing you to more brightly shine your light within yourself and the world. You will see in ways that are not visible, forever changing your perspective of life and your living experience as a human being.


We divide this training into a two-part series. It is a hybrid model, allowing for participation via zoom only or including the in person workshops.

For those who attend via zoom only, we add two personal constellation calls to substitute for the missed in person workshops.

In part one, we will focus on transgenerational healing. In a step-by-step process, we will be exploring the relationship between your present self and your ancestral foundation. The first series teaches the fundamentals of the work and is essential to be able to participate in the second series.
In part two of this training, we expand into the larger fields, beyond our ancestry. Here we will find a path through the many cultural and collective imprints that have shaped us. Understanding and navigating your relationship with these imprints, empowers clearer alignment with your essence as you walk your walk.

If you have already completed a foundational training, you may apply for part two only.

Part 1: Tending to Your Roots

We tend to our roots and to our relationships with those closest to us. Focusing on our relations, be it your mother’s lineage, father’s lineage, partners, children or siblings. Constellations is a powerful systemic tool, and we use additional modalities to support integration, allowing movements forward. We work with tools such as journaling, making a genogram, artwork and ritual. We seek to create peace and flow in our relations.

This foundational training in systemic constellation work begins with you walking the path in the supportive company of other learners. We will lead you through a process of exploration of your family dynamics, the gifts and burdens you inherited and the opportunity to clear karmic patterns.

Workshop dates:

9:30 - 5:00p EST

Entanglements in The Flow of Love

October 22nd and 23rd
Location: Watertown, MA

Giving and Receiving in Relationships

December 3rd and 4th
Location: Amherst, MA

Zoom sessions:

6:30 - 8:30p EST

Who Belongs?

November 2nd

My Mother’s Line

November 16th

My Father’s Line

November 30th

Repeating patterns, Unusual fates

December 14th

In this foundational training you have opportunities to further digest and integrate your experiences, exploring at home with the tools of a workbook and a home altar, that we help you to create and follow.

Each of you will be assigned a small group of 3 or 4 people for regular exchanges of exercises and mini constellations.

Part Two: Spreading Your Wings

The focus is on constellating in the larger field, understanding larger dynamics and patterns that impact your life. The Collective and Cultural Exposures that we are born into form our way of relating to our world. Dualities shape our path. Female and male, light and dark, right and wrong, victim and perpetrator weave in and out of our

experiences and we will explore our relationship with them.

Gaining larger perspectives enables you to spread your wings wide, soaring into your highest possibilities. Here we explore your own alignment with who you are and what you came here to do.

Workshop dates:

9:30 - 5:00p EST

Understanding the Collective

January 28th and 29th
Location: Watertown, MA

Beyond Duality Consciousness

March 25th and 26th
Location: Amherst, MA

Zoom sessions:

6:30 - 8:30p EST

Perpetrators and Victims

February 8th

The Role of the Dead

February 15th

Self Alignment and Choice

February 22

Standing in Our Rightful Place

March 8th

Part two will involve power tools such as collective trauma constellations, medicine wheel, constellations with nature, horses, journaling and artwork.

Each of you will be assigned a small group of 3 or 4 people for regular exchanges of exercises and mini constellations.

Dates for small groups or individual sessions will be arranged once the group has launched.

Covid testing will be required at the beginning of each in person workshop day.


Part 1:

$1,150.00 for zoom participation only
Zoom only participants will receive 2 private constellation sessions

Part Two:

$ 1,350.00
$ 1,150.00 without in-person workshops
Zoom only participants will receive 2 private constellation sessions

Special Offer:

Sign up for parts 1 & 2 together and save $300.00!
Reduced Cost: $2,400.00

Complete part 1 and sign up for part 2 and save $100!
Reduced Cost: $1,250.00