Constellation Learning Group Logistics

Thank you for joining our Constellation Learning circle! You are embarking on a journey that I hope will bring you understanding as well as healing and a sense of lightening your burdens.

This circle is equally valuable for lay people as for professionals and does not require any prior knowledge of Systemic Constellation work.

All that is needed is the willingness to open your mind, heart and felt-sense.

Here are some of the logistics:

  • Old family portrait, suggestive of Family Constellations work of Bert Hellinger as practiced at the Inner Arts Institute in the greater Boston area.We meet six weekends per year and begin with a residential retreat called The Blessing Way, for which we gather in a beautiful country setting in Western Mass.
  • Registration for the Blessing Way retreat (in October) is included in the Learning Group registration fee and is also open to others at a higher fee.
  • The retreat is open to all alumni of our circle as well as to potential newcomers who would like to meet everyone and see the work in action before committing to the group.
  • Once the training begins, the group closes and does not allow in new members until a new cycle begins the next fall. This way teachings can build on each other and the group can develop an understanding of, and an intimacy with, each other that allows the work to deepen.
  • People in the Learning Group circle are committed to the entire journey and pay the full fee, even if they have to miss a weekend. We do our best to extend learning materials for anyone who has to be absent for a weekend meeting.
  • Members also have access to a private website with the collected materials of the group.


Gatherings are usually held at the Watertown Center for the Healing Arts, 22 Mount Auburn Street in Watertown, Mass. Click for directions.

The Flow of the Weekends

Saturdays are open to the public (our Open Constellation Circles), with Learning Group members taking on various roles in the day’s events:

  • Practicing to represent is the most important first learning step.
  • Observing and recording the process may be another role for advancing students.
  • Introducing the work and facilitating some aspects of the work becomes an option for advanced students on Saturdays.

Sundays are reserved for Learning Group members alone. During this time members embark on a journey of:

  • Learning the underlying principles of Constellation work
  • Exploring their own family systems
  • Understanding archetypal constellations
  • Exploring Medicine Wheel Constellations or Organizational Constellations.

This group looks a little bit different each year, as it is partially formed by the desires of group participants, but we will be structured by the Modules outlined on the main Learning Group page. This year we will again hold online classes and triad groups to support our connection to one another and the work.