3-Day Family Constellation Intensive

Welcome the New Year at SaMa Sanctuary in Amherst, MA

January 28-30, 2022

two people forming a heart with their fingers, symbolizing The Orders of Love, our 3-day Family Constellation Intensive, Jan 28-30, 2022 in Amherst, MA

"Most things happen in a realm that no words have ever entered." ~Rilke

In our healing journeys, we so often encounter dynamics in ourselves or our families that we simply do not understand. Why is this rift between us? Why can I not love my father...mother...sibling?  After personal explorations in psychotherapy or some other modality, we may see some success, but certain things stay unexplainable and do not shift.

This is the place at which Family Constellation Work begins. Often, our difficulties do not begin with us, but have been passed down through the generations.

Join us in exploring who or what may be unresolved in your family system. See how this can be resolved and bring freedom to your life and the lives of future generations.

In this 3-day constellation intensive you will have an opportunity to explore what has been handed down to you from both, your mother’s and your father’s line. You will learn the basic principles of Systemic Family Constellation Work. Belonging, Order, Entanglements, and Transgenerational Transmissions are strong forces that we all encounter. You will understand their place in a healthy family system.


We'll gather in our beautiful heated barn at SaMa Sanctuary in Amherst, where we include time to be with nature. We will walk in the woods and listen to the creek’s stories. Sometimes inspirations come from those places, and we include them in our constellation practices. Participants will receive location details after registration.

TIME:  10 AM - 5PM on Friday/Saturday and 10AM - 3PM Sunday.
MEALS:  Registration includes catered lunch.
ACCOMMODATIONS:  On your own (there are many lovely Airbnb options).

This workshop is the first module of our 2022 Constellation Learning Group, but can also be taken as a one-time workshop.

Weekend Intensive Cost: $475
Includes catered meals.

Covid-Safe practices

Constellation work is difficult to do with masks, as facial expressions are key to this mostly non-verbal modality. Please read our recent blog post, A Change of Heart for details on our pandemic precautions.


Samvedam Randles, LMHC, Director of the Inner Arts Institute. Please contact Samvedam at 617.926.1301 if you have questions.

Medicine Wheel from a previous year's ceremony.

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